Welcome to

Here is The Imgine Galaxy.

Every incomer for anything exploratory
Does not face the unknown confusion,
But has made a right selection.
They keeps on searching,
Due to unknowing
Why their heart involuntarily may
Run to meet such an fate.

This is a fantastic cycling,
With no end or beginning.

imw - 03

our philosophy

Just as singular structure is simple but stable,
Compose IMAGINE’s singular philosophy.

With advanced thought and innovatory technology,
IMAGINE runs through time and space,
To find a reasonable development way,
With numerous new eras of creations,
Attaining immortal legends.

imw - 05

all projects

Indescribable timeless chaos
Surpasses even the unlimited of the limited existence.
To truth there is a long way,
And to explore space,
IMAGINE has found its inner mind,
With whose guide,
IMAGINE runs through the world of chaos time after time.

Everything’s made lively and orderly,
While dreams become reality.
Hereby you know your selecting
For you must dig up the in-depth meaning.

imw - 08

who are we

Facing the universe with no limitation, IMAGINE has come with a mission,
To boldly go where no man has gone before.

The perfection that IMAGINE has ever sought
Is always in its next creation.

Sometimes a casual intention
Will lead you to a destined legend.